Code of Conduct
(Non-Teaching Staff)

Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Staff at ISBM University

This Code of Conduct outlines the behavioral standard of all non-teaching staff in ISBM University. It aims to promote a positive, professional, and ethical work environment that aligns with the universitys values, vision and mission.

  1. Integrity and Honesty: To act with honesty and integrity in all professional activities. Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts to your supervisor.
  2. Respect and Courtesy: To treat all students, faculty, staff, and visitors with respect and courtesy. Foster an inclusive environment that values diversity and promotes equality.
  3. Confidentiality: To maintain the confidentiality of all university-related information, except where disclosure is authorized or legally mandated. Respect the privacy of students, staff, and faculty.
  4. Professionalism: To demonstrate professionalism in appearance, behavior, and communication. Carry out duties with competence, diligence, and a commitment to excellence.
  5. Compliance with Laws and University Policies: To adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and university policies. Report any illegal or unethical conduct to the appropriate authorities.
Specific Expectations:
  1. Attendance and Punctuality:To arrive on time for work and scheduled meetings. Notify supervisors in advance of any absences or lateness.
  2. Use of University Resources:To use university resources responsibly and for their intended purposes. Avoid misuse or waste of university property and resources.
  3. Health and Safety: To follow all health and safety guidelines and procedures. Report any hazards, accidents, or incidents promptly to the authority.
  4. Interpersonal Conduct: To communicate effectively and professionally with colleagues, students, and visitors. Avoid engaging in gossip, bullying, harassment, or any behavior that could harm others.
  5. Continuous Improvement: To seek opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement. To stay informed about updates university policies and procedures.
Accountability and Enforcement:
  1. Reporting Violations:To report any suspected violations of this Code of Conduct to your supervisor or the designated university office. Cooperate fully in any investigations of misconduct.
  2. Disciplinary Actions:To understand that violations of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions, which can include warnings, suspension, or termination of employment.
  3. Appeal Process: You may appeal the decision through the established university appeal process in case of the finding of disciplinary action.

By adhering to this Code of Conduct, non-teaching staff at ISBM University contribute to a positive and ethical work environment that supports the University's vision mission and values. The commitment to these standards is essential for maintaining the trust and respect of the university community.

The Code of Conduct is a living and functional document and may be updated periodically. Staff members will be informed on any changes and are expected to review and comply with the updated Code of Conduct.

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