Bus Routes and Schedules

Bus Routes And Schedules

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Unsure About Which Bus To Take?

The easiest way to plan your trip to our campus using transit - especially if you're unsure about which route to take or what time to take it - is to use the ISBM University Bus Schedule penned below and to contact our city office (+91 93299 32747) in case of any queries. Alternatively, go to maps.google.com and use the Directions tool (be sure to specify "transit" as your mode of travel)!

The trip planner will automatically select the best route for you to take, based on your origin and destination - it will even suggest trips operated by local service providers.

Already Know The System?

Below is a list of ISBM University bus routes, some common destinations served by the route, and the service periods and times. Click here for a map and look below full schedule of the route.

Churra 6.00 AM
Fingeshwar 7.00 AM
Mahasamund 7.55 AM
Khatti Khamariya 8.30 AM
Churra 9.25 AM
Campus 3.30 PM
Churra 4.00 PM
Fingeshwar 4.45 PM
Mahasamund 5.15 PM
Khatti Khamariya 6.00 PM
Churra 7.00 PM

For instant arrivals via phone call,Dial +91 93299 32747

Questions, comments or concerns? Contact us at support@isbmuniversity.ac.in

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