Global Skills

Global Skills

Requirement nowadays is of affordable & convenient formal training in non-technical skills with certification from "ISBM University - Global Skills":

In today's environment, technical competence alone is not sufficient for career success. Employers are looking for employees with non-technical skills such, that they are having edge over others and are able to perform better.

Employers want:

  • Employees who are well rounded.
  • Employees having non-technical skills.
  • Employees who have prepared themselves for the job by balancing both their technical and non-technical skills

Non-Technical Skills desired by employers world-wide in their prospective employees now are:

  • Oral and written communication
  • Team Work
  • Business Awareness
  • Organization and management skills
  • Responsibility and initiative
  • Problem Solving
  • IT competency

Only bar during training is of language, since deliverance shall be in English language. Yes, But English is the modern day language of Business and success world-wide. This training will be aimed at people wishing to acquire new-age skills to adapt to global platforms of their own area of choice, or to develop their existing skills, enabling them to increase their earning power.

This training shall also equip learner with practical skills which are most imperative and desired by companies/employers, in addition to their field's technical knowledge requirement.

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