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Mr. Mahesh Agrawal

ISBM University was established in the year 2016 with an objective to cater the multifaceted educational needs of the millions. Its philosophy includes offering multiple courses and programs for the students, preparing them to become successful in life and eventually to become responsible citizens of the country. We encourage them to develop their personality, by metamorphosing and nurturing them to become employable as well as venture into entrepreneurship. In a nutshell, we take all our efforts for academic growth & skill development of the students.

Knowledge is the key to unlock the career of young men and women. ISBM University provides the platform for learning & research. Problem solving & decision making are dual objectives of learning.

The challenges are accepted in collaboration with the stakeholder's viz. other Universities, research institutions, members of the faculty & society at large. The academic programs are need-based catering to the needs of mankind. Excellence & relevance is a key parameter. It is to be set by the academic community & drive to achieve it. It is equally important we keep close to our communities both in the interest of our country and our neighborhood. It will help to ensure the on-going relevant academic programmes. I welcome all and congratulate the students, parents for choosing our University. I am sure that all stakeholders will be immensely benefited by an excellent academic pursuit.

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