Hon'ble Chancellor

From The Chancellor's Desk

Dr. Vinay M. Agrawal

Education is an intervention in the modern society where, harmanious development can be achieved by enlightenment of an individual's heart, mind and soul. I am of the opinion that education can transform the attitude, thought process and lifestyle of the people leading to the development of the society Education makes people flexible in thinking rationally and making appropriate decisions. I have always worked towards empowering the mass. Education serves as the tool & technique of empowerment with skilled and socially relevant citizens.

We initiated the benign social order for social reconstruction and social change by establishing various educational establishments as a partner in the process of economic development of the country, ISBM University has assumed the task of human capital development by integrating the basic principles of knowledge, wisdom and humanity both in its policy and practice.

ISBM University stands for humanism, rationality, idea exploration and innovation. The approach of our curriculum focuses on experiential learning ensuring better content delivery and provisions for co curricular, extra-curricular activities as integral components of the learning process.

At ISBM University we seek self-motivated individuals who believe in making their own methods of learning by availing the opportunities and willing to contribute their best for social welfare.

ISBM University is proud of its state of the art infrastructure, serene campus with aesthetically built facilities. Student's friendly policies create a satisfying academic ambience in the campus. I extend my best wishes to all the aspirants in the campus and assure them that under the mentorship of experienced faculties of ISBM University they will be able to extract competitive advantage towards creating a harmonious, peaceful and rewarding future. Participation in a wide range of academics and other activities will provide them an opportunity to acquire leadership, skills, professional and personal traits.

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