International Partnership

The primary objective of the International Tie-ups is to promote internationalization and cross-cultural exchange in the academic realm. These tie-ups are aimed at fostering global academic and research opportunities for students, faculty, and staff members of ISBM University.

Through these partnerships, ISBM University aims to provide its students with exposure to global educational practices, diverse perspectives, and a broader understanding of different cultures. Additionally, it facilitates the exchange of knowledge, research collaborations, and joint academic programs between ISBM University and its international partners.

Rushford business School

ISBM University and Rushford Business School are pleased to announce a new partnership to offer students a global business education. This partnership will allow students to earn a dual degree from both universities, one from ISBM University in India and one from Rushford Business School in Switzerland.
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Henry Harvin

ISBM University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Henry HarvinĀ®, a global Edtech Company based out of US and India, to conduct Training and Placement programs for its Students in over 600+ courses available with the Edtech company like Six Sigma Green Belt, Tableau, Analytics using Python/R (Business, Marketing, HR, Finance), Blockchain Professional Course, Data Science with Python Course, etc. The objective of the MoU is to offer on-the-job training and practical training to students of either diploma, graduation or post graduation in any stream to enhance their employability and counter the issues with respect to skilled labour scarcity in the region.
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Judson University

ISBM University has signed an MoU with Judson University located in Chicago, USA for the MBA Informatics program, providing opportunities for students to engage in real-world projects, internships, and research with industry leaders. The MBA in Informatics programs offers students a unique blend of business and technical skills to succeed in the rapidly evolving field of data-driven decision-making. Through hand-on projects, case studies and course work, students will be prepared to effectively analyze and interpret complex data sets, develop innovative solutions, and lead interdisciplinary teams in a variety of industries.
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Indiana Tech University

Our partnership with Indiana Tech signifies a commitment to providing our students with a broader perspective and access to a wider range of academic opportunities. This collaboration opens the door to exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and shared resources, allowing students from both institutions to benefit from a richer educational experience.

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